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      Message from the founder: Robert Colaco

      Dear Visitor,

      Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) has been taking positions on State Propositions, Ballot Measures, Ballot Initiatives as well as Local Measures in States, Counties, Cities and Communities all across the nation, since it was founded on October 15, 1992.

      We have brought this website online, at this time, because more and more states are using propositions and ballot initiatives to pass legislation rather then by using the normal legislative process. This puts more pressure on the voters to know what is these 'props' are really all about. Voters now are doing the job their elected officials were elected to do. We want to help them be up to the task.

      We have dedicated this website to bring information about these issues to the voters in a fast and easy to use way.

      We regularly review initiatives that are on ballots across the country to see how they measure up to the core principals that we stand for, those that we ask about in our CFABA.ORG Candidate Questionnaire's™. Please feel free to tell us about any propositions or initiatives that you think we may have missed.

      In some cases, like the with the cross removal from the Los Angeles County Seal (see http://www.keepthecross.com) we actually get involved in the initiative process.

      Thank you for visiting and I hope the information contained here is helpful to you. The leadership of Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) always appreciate your compliments and suggestions.

      Please click here and email us a note, if you add "sign me up for your 'Commentary and News Release List™'" to the note and we will send you our news releases and commentaries 'hot off the press'.

      Robert Colaco
      Volunteer National Chairman, Founder
      Citizens For A Better America ® (CFABA.ORG)

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